We Love YouTube...and Nick Matev

Nick Matev
Over the last decade, online music has taken on a life of its own, benefiting both artists and music listeners alike. As the internet world of music gains more traction through vehicles such as CDBaby, Pandora, YouTube, and Facebook, traditional music entities have started to endorse the change. A recent study has shown that social media is a majority force behind music sales to the young generation. Music videos shared on the YouTube platform are creating career opportunities for musicians that were never previously possible.

It is in that spirit that we will be featuring some enjoyable talent in the coming weeks and months. Some artists will have accompanying interviews in addition to their video content. Some artists will be amateur, and some will be working musicians. But all will be referenced through their presence on YouTube. Enjoy this week's selection from Florida by way of Ukraine—Nick Matev. His synthy take on Coldplay's "Paradise" is a fun and fairly polished rendition worthy of inclusion on our blog. Take a look/listen below!

—A.Hunt, SPCS Records

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