Interview with Matthew Brue of Homestead

Years ago, SPCS Records had the privilege of coaching a young Matthew Brue on mixing and mastering techniques. Since then, Matthew has gone on to blossom as an artist and currently fronts the band Homestead out of Austin, TX. A multi-instrumentalist that is clearly dedicated to developing his abilities, we recently had a chance to dialog with him about his journey with music thus far.

SPCS Records: What got you interested in music? How did you get started?

MB: To be honest, I was somewhat forced into music. I started playing piano at a young age and realized by seventh grade I absolutely hated it. My parents saw something in me that I didn't and would not let me leave the piano bench for hours until I practiced. I fought them every step of the way. During this time I was touring internationally with a professional children's choir and fell in love with flying and being on the road for weeks. It just stuck. My love for songwriting arose when I was depressed and found that writing songs about how I felt really fulfilled me. It turned into a routine that I have not been able to quit.

SPCS Records: What artists or genres of music have influenced you the most?

MB: The most influential artists for me personally have been Sigur Ros and Death Cab for Cutie. I think when I am 40 years old i'l be the dad forcing my kids to listen to "real" music and will turn on Death Cab's Transatlanticism record. It just does not get better than that!

SPCS Records: What is on heavy rotation in your listening library?

MB: Top three songs on heavy rotation

SPCS Records: What keeps you interested in music?

MB: I can say in honesty the thing that keeps me interested in music is the fact that I realize I don't deserve to do it. I get to wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee, sit and be still for 30-45 minutes, and then start my day writing. People would kill for a day like that without the stress of normal day things. I didn't ask to be able to write music, play instruments etc.; it was something I was gifted with and I am incredibly grateful and humble in realizing that. It pushes me to be a good steward of what I have received.

SPCS Records: What are a couple of key lessons in the industry you've learned along the way?

MB: This may come across as somewhat cynical, but if I have learned anything in the industry it is that if something sounds too good to be most likely is. We have grown from learning hard lessons, but the industry is a tough monster to deal with. It makes us sad that people are out to make money on pure artists who have a true passion for art by changing them to "fit the mold." We always talk about remaining pure and true to who we are and if people don't like it, then we will move on! Thats a hard reality, but it keeps us going.

SPCS Records: What is your most favorite show you've ever played? Why does it stand out?

MB: You are probably expecting me to say our favorite show was one in front of 1,500 people or something like that, but that's not the case. It was actually in front of 15 people! (laughs) I remember how mad I was now when we were told 400+ people were expected. We got up on stage and played the show like we normally do. Before one of our songs, Lost at Sea, I began to start sharing my story of drug addiction and began to weep. I could not believe how far God had brought me and was even allowing me to play in front of 15 people. I look over at Hunter and he is crying. I look over at Chris and he is crying. I look over at Trey and he is tearing up. It was this influential moment in our career where we realized just how much we didn't deserve to do what we do. I will never forget what an incredible show that was.

SPCS Records: What are your current musical endeavors?

MB: Our current endeavors include playing several showcases this year at SXSW. We have been writing and preparing to record a new EP in May of 2014. We would love to be on a larger tour by the fall. We are just excited to keep acknowledging that we get to call ourselves full time musicians.

SPCS Records: Matthew, thank you for your time today.

Matthew's latest endeavors can be seen and heard here.

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