We Love YouTube...and The Fold

I frequently find the winter months to be a rather dreary time, and it was in such a rut of the doldrums that I stumbled upon The Fold. Unlikely covers of pop hits are common search engine fodder at SPCS headquarters, and a pop punk tinged arrangement of Jay-Z was just the levity I needed.

Hailing from Chicago, The Fold are fronted by Dan Castady, a sensitive dad, as evidenced by his musings about parenthood in the description for Bye Bye Love. The feel-good vibes were piling up. The band's story is no exception:

"A wise man once told us 'Just stay together, and continue to write the best music you can—great things will happen.' What followed were arguably the most trying 7 years in the history of the music industry, but somehow it never felt like that to us."

What's the recipe for a cure for the seasonal blues? Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, and a bit of The Fold.

—A.Hunt, SPCS Records

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