We Love YouTube...and Dirty Loops

This week's YouTube selection starts off something like, "Holy halftones, Batman!" Thanks to Drew Bartels of 232 Music Studios, I have been thoroughly enjoying the various cover selections by the Dirty Loops available online. If I recall correctly, Drew's comment to me was, "You'd never guess this was a (insert Top 40s pop icon name here) cover unless you saw the title of the video."

Their unlikely combination of counterintuitive band name, emo-goth-punk-looking bassist, and mature jazz fusion (think early Stevie Wonder) constructs made them an instant classic in my estimation.

Steve Lukather raved, "This destroyed me. I LOVE it! THESE guys should be #1 across the world. Music would be a better place with cats at THIS level..."

Highly intelligent music with noticeable varied backgrounds and outrageous skill level are immediately recognizable traits of this group. Not only will you, the listener, rethink this Adele hit, but you may also question the music currently populating your digital media player.

Enjoy their video below:

—A.Hunt, SPCS Records

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