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The Southparkcrawlspace Story

In 2001, two musicians forged a collaborative music project known as Southparkcrawlspace. Beginning with hip-hop and electronica, the pair produced and co-wrote many songs and snippets on their journey towards a niche in the music industry. Long hours late into the night were common as software such as Mix Meister, Mix Master, Cubase, Acid Pro, and Fruity Loops were explored. Stacks of vinyl were volleyed back and forth. Countless mix CDs were compiled. DJing every weekend, the digital duo had plenty of time to perfect their craft. Within a year, they had both put out multiple solo efforts and were waist deep in a remix project. Shortly thereafter, they took to the stage and gave an eclectic performance of hip-hop, fusion, experimental jazz, rock, techno, and turntablism. The reception was very energetic, and so their musical vision was further encouraged.
Late night mixing gave way to dreaming and scheming about how far music could take them in a rural setting. Playing to crowds of 250-300 every week provided many opportunities for influence. The Southparkcrawlspace two began questioning the possibility of an indie label that was strictly by musicians for musicians. Since both had ample reasons to be bitter and jaded by the business of music, the hope was to provide services and resources to artists without the creativity-killing contracts offered by LA, NYC, or Nashville. No less than eighteen months after its inception, the pair had their first opportunity to engineer, mix, and master a project for a third party. SPCS Records was born.
More than ten years and nearly twenty albums later, Southparkcrawlspace Records has evolved into a resource hub for artists desiring to make a living with music. Utilizing social media, video tutorials, interviews with working musicians, and other relevant tools, even a beginning musician can greatly benefit from this talent collective. The vision remains the same: by musicians, for musicians.

~DJ Tayza

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