SPCS Records - Services

Social Media

Social media has become an invaluable asset to working artists. The world is literally just a click away from hearing your music, reading your story, and sharing your news. SPCS Records can assist with your branding, image, and marketing utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and myriad content management systems. We are happy to help you tailor social media to your needs and can guide you in choosing which are suitable for your busy schedule.

Digital Video

In an increasingly impersonal global marketplace, SPCS Records can shoot and edit video for you to help brand and market your music. Whether you need a traditional music video format or prefer something less formal, we have resources available to you. Because YouTube has made inexpensive streaming video a viable option for artists, SPCS Records has added digital video as a key component for success. We have recording conveniently available in our recording studio for vlogging and music videos, and we can shoot on location as well.

Digital Audio

SPCS Records offers unlimited digital audio tracking at 44.1/48kHz, in pristine 24-bit optical audio. We use Black Lion Audio and Alesis ADAT HD24 A/D converters to guarantee a clean signal path with a low noise floor. Mixing is done in the digital domain to minimize audio degradation, using 32- and 64-bit professional virtual instrument plug-ins and effects. A wide array of customizable software synths is also available. We offer both digital and analog mastering, to carve out "your sound". We have both vacuum tube-driven and solid state options available to further enhance your performance.


Our resources have decades of combined experience in the music industry and can provide consultation on song arrangement, instrumentation, and voicing to achieve the tone color that will best represent what you do. SPCS Records has released nearly twenty albums in genres such as alternative, rock, folk, punk, fusion, funk, and hip-hop. As an artist, you have the opportunity to draw upon this diverse experience to personally tailor your project.


Through both articles and videos, SPCS Records is committed to providing quality content to assist artists in polishing their product. We have regular interviews and how-tos with subject matter experts from a variety of disciplines related to your music. We encourage interaction with our professionals, so that we may continue to offer beneficial and informative material. Check out our "Friends" page to get further information on each contributor.