Introducing Ryan McClelland

Thirteen years ago, I was in an awful band in a tiny cow town in the middle of nowhere. Stuck somewhere between the Spin Doctors (a la Pocket Full of Kryptonite) and a frustrated Mighty Mighty Bosstones sound, we were a bunch of amateur but cocky high school kids living the dream. But our amateur efforts on our first full-length project were bolstered significantly through the inclusion of an additional bassist who worked hard enough for all of us.

That bassist was Ryan McClelland, who, despite his time in our ridiculous band, has grown into an extremely capable musician and a very dear friend. He received instruction at the Musician's Institute of Los Angeles and has played in front of crowds of twenty and 20,000. A networker extraordinaire, being connected with names such as Dan Hoerner, he has also done session work at notable studios for notable artists.

Ryan is currently hard at work on a project known as Bass Matter, with a dot com to follow later in 2012. SPCS Records is proud to feature him as our first subject matter expert, with many articles on playing bass guitar, music theory, and technique coming soon. He is currently developing video content in tandem with his e-book series, which we will feature as soon as it is finished in post production.

—A. Hunt, SPCS Records

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