A Tip of the Hat to Mashups

During a recent search on YouTube for an innovative cover of Robbie Williams' smash hit single "Feel" from a decade ago, I found a lot of awful, typical YT swill. But I also stumbled upon an extremely prolific indie deejay and producer, Ronald Koenders, aka DJ Magic Baron (MB). Though the video production is not overly compelling, the audio is seamless and well executed.

While mashup covers have become the norm on YT, this one strikes at the heart of SPCS Records. In 2002, DJ Tayza released an album titled, "Homemade Trak Star" on the SPCS label. Included on the disc was a mashup featuring the Chemical Brothers' "Morning Lemon" against Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'." Though the Koenders mashup is purely studio work, whereas the DJ Tayza mix was completely live, the spirit of creativity is the same.

I reached out to DJ MB, but received no response*. So, I can't tell you any more than to encourage you to geek out over Koenders' masterful interweaving of Robbie Williams and Adele Adkins.

—A.Hunt, SPCS Records
*UPDATE: Since the writing of this post, DJ MB has contacted SPCS Records and assures us that he is still busy creating tasty mashups of all varieties.

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