Interview with Chris Mullen of the Chris Mullen Band

Having known Chris Mullen since his early days with the post hardcore group, Against All Odds, it's been our pleasure to see him continue his journey in the music industry.  Recently, we had the opportunity to ask him about his story.

SPCS Records: What got you interested in music?

CM: Friends, honestly. I mean, I was always interested in music to a degree, but never really got encouraged that way as a kid, and I kind of felt like I wouldn't be any good at it. But, in middle school and high school, I had a lot of friends that we really into punk rock, and I just got hooked on the energy and feeling and expression that came out of music. My friends were also the ones who first pushed me to begin singing, which led to everything else.
SPCS Records: Which artists have most influenced the direction you've chosen with music?

CM: My music influences are based more on content, than on music genre or style alone. I feel a connection to a well written lyric that comes from a place of truth. So, in that way, I continue to be influenced by old punk rock albums that I used to listen to, like Blindside and Dogwood. And I am also influenced by new songwriters like Rocky Votolato, Ben Howard, and David Ramirez. I even really dig good hip hop lryicists like Mike Shinoda, and Eminem. They all influence me in different ways, but they are all there.

SPCS Records: What advice would you offer a musician that is just getting started?

CM: I feel unqualified to answer this question because I still feel like I am starting out—even though I've been at it for a while. I guess just to take time away from music to live life. Don't forget where you come from, but, even more importantly, don't stop being a person with real relationships and real experiences and friends that you relate to apart from your art. Too many artists have created this alternate reality of music and performance-centered exsistence, and they lose a relatable, neccesary part of who they my opinion.

SPCS Records: What type of venue is your favorite to play?

CM: One with people in it, hah! But seriously, if there is no crowd to give that energy back to you, you eventually run out of energy. I love my music, but even I don't want to just play a three hour set to myself. More specifically, I like small venues, but real venues. I have played a lot of restaurants and bars, and, when the venue is food and drink first, music second, you have to fight for a place in the audience's attention. A small venue that is music first, bar and food second, is my favorite type... to play or to listen at.

SPCS Records: Thank you for your time today, Chris.

Chris Mullen's latest endeavors can be seen and heard here.

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