A Salute to American Ingenuity

Southparkcrawlspace Records has its roots in Alesis ADAT technology. Thanks to a sales associate at Sweetwater Sound, we quickly had a simple recording setup with a relatively easy learning curve. As ADAT technology continued to evolve, so did SPCS Records, embracing the shift to higher resolution audio and greater track count. Along the way, we developed a great affinity for the optical lightpipe interface, which greatly influenced our recent purchase of a heavily modified Behringer ADA8000.

Because of a tip received from our friend Brad Nyght, we researched a company from the Chicago metropolitan area known as Black Lion Audio. Customers love BLA and there is plenty of positive feedback online.

"[The ADA8000 Modification] results in a sound that is strikingly more open and textured, with far greater detail and micro-dynamics.  The common response we receive regarding this mod is that it has the sonic effect of taking a blanket off of the speakers!" 

"...we not only perform the op-amp upgrade, but we replace vital analog signal caps with capacitors of dramatically higher quality for both the inputs and outputs.  We also perform converter decoupling using the same techniques found in our Alesis AI-3 Premium upgrade, our acclaimed Signature Series modifications, and in our widely-praised FM192.  After this upgrade, the ADA8000 will have a much wider stereo field, a smoother & more defined bass, and sweeter-sounding highs."—blacklionaudio.com

After searching for a preamp that could transmit digital audio with zero signal loss and no added noise, the BLA blurb sounded amazing. We placed an ADA8000 on order through Gear Orphanage, and waited impatiently for its arrival. After putting the preamp through its paces with various microphones, both passive and active, we were completely blown away. So transparent! So quiet! Simply amazing, especially considering the price tag.

We immediately added this piece of gear to our list of must haves for any small to medium project studio. Moreover, we are placing the spotlight on the good folks at Black Lion Audio for their American Ingenuity and expertise in modifying decent gear to make it truly great.

Thank you, BLA, and keep up the good work!

—A.Hunt, SPCS Records

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